Herbal Organic Coffee

One day, on the whim of a health foods store employee from across the street, we began to explore the addition of natural botanicals to our beans. What we discovered is that indeed there was a way to naturally infuse botanicals into coffee without affecting its taste. After countless late night attempts, we found the perfect window to apply botanicals to the coffee beans. Thus, our magic little product was born.

It’s our special infusion process that makes our coffee so unique. Some grind herbs and minerals along with coffee beans. Others have tried to accomplish what we do by spraying or coating the coffee beans after they have been roasted as you would if you wanted to flavor them.

Our process is different. The herbs and minerals we add to our coffee are actually infused into organic gourmet coffee bean during the roasting process. This all-natural process captures the additives inside the bean and unlocks them when the coffee is ground giving you a rich cup of organic coffee that’s as beneficial and healthy as it is tasty.

Today, we sell our Caffé Pacori premium coffees to coffee shops, restaurants, individuals and fine food stores throughout the United States.

What first started as a great tasting coffee has now evolved into a coffee that is also good for you. As more and more people discover the benefits of having a healthy cup of coffee, our passion to provide that experience grows.

Join us in discovering what Caffé Pacori’s Herb Infused Coffees can do for you.