skin booster treatments for face and aging skin

How the Skin Booster Treatment Works on Aging Skin

Aging skin is the reason cosmetic treatment specialists recommend skin boosters. This is primarily because the treatment solves some of the skin conditions that arise as a sign of aging skin. Some people visibly show signs of aging earlier than other people. For example, some people don’t start having fine lines and wrinkles until they are in their 60s or even their 70s, while others start seeing signs in their late 30s or 40s. 

Damage to the skin is not always associated with age. Sometimes the signs may point to aging, but it could also be because of other factors, such as inadequate skincare, exposure to harsh weather conditions, and habits that will result in dry skin, such as excessive alcohol consumption. Additionally, the body’s regenerative abilities can be compromised by extreme cumulative damage. 

Aging skin is thinner, looser, wrinkled, and more fragile. In some cases, the skin appears to be aging, but it is superficial. When this happens, the external factors, like environmental damage, create a layer of damaged skin that accelerates the aging of the inner layer of the skin.

Signs of external skin aging include sunspot formation, a thick layer of dead skin, skin cancer, and the excessive loss of collagen and elastin. Unfortunately, even if the factors causing skin damage are external, they end up resulting in internal skin damage.

How to identify skin damage

Skin damage can originate from one source of it could be due to a combination of factors. You may fail to identify the reason behind the skin damage, especially if the cause is something that is beyond your control. For example, if you have a non-existent skincare regimen, you can quickly point the damage to that. However, if the culprit is air pollution, it might be a little difficult to point out the reasons behind the changes in your skin. 

If you have trouble determine the stress factors, you need not worry. Your skincare specialist will still find a solution. It is more important to identify the signs of skin damage. They include skin roughness, dullness, uneven tone, patches, deep wrinkles, and thin skin. 

Skin Booster Treatment Options in Singapore

Skin doctors often prefer skin boosters because they heal the skin from within. Topical creams only work on the surface, so whatever problems you may have with the tissues underneath the skin remain unresolved. You, therefore, remain dependent on anti-aging creams and dermal fillers to mask skin damage. Treating the skin inside out will lead to better results that will last a long time. 

Restylane skin boosters and Rejuran Healer are some of the popular skin boosters. You will initially go through three consecutive months of treatments, one per month. The subsequent treatments will be once every six months, with results lasting up to a month. Skin booster treatments improve skin radiance, hydration, texture, and elasticity. The cost may seem excessive initially, but when you finish the first three treatments, you get to do it twice a year. 

Skin booster treatments are not as restrictive as other dermal fillers. Almost anyone can get three treatment, except pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. You also don’t need to take time off for the procedure because each session takes about half an hour, and you can immediately get back to your life without worrying about downtime. This treatment also has minimal side effects, so it is not easy for one to tell if you are getting a beauty enhancement treatment.